2017 Midwest Regional Meeting

On-Site ACS Career Development Courses for Students

The 2017 Midwest Regional ACS Meeting will provide on-site career development programming developed by ACS and provided by ACS volunteers with expertise in the topic area.

Programming will be offered free to student registrants on a first come first served basis. A maximum of 30 registrants will be accepted, so please plan to register early. Students may register to participate in the session during the normal registration for the meeting. Sessions will take place on Friday, October 20th, 8 am - 12 pm in the Kansas Memorial Union. This is the same venue as the rest of the conference program.

Titles and descriptions of the two sessions are:


Finding Yourself: Identifying a Career That Matches Your Strengths and Values

Duration: 3 hours

Description: This course helps you to self-assess your career values and strengths.  Participants will also learn how the four sectors of chemistry employment compare and contrast. This course will also help you determine which sector best aligns to your values and strengths and plan your next steps to obtaining an ideal position.


Networking: How to Get Started

Duration: 1 hour

Description: This course will help participants utilize networking to enhance their job search. Participants will also learn which types of questions to create a natural flow in a networking conversation. The course will also help you create a networking plan to locate and obtain your ideal job in the federal government.